Our Property Purchase Services

We like to start by have an initial face to face meeting usually in your home or office but it can be anywhere convenient for you. Sometimes due to logistics it is not always possible to have this meeting and  in these cases we will have an indepth telephone conversation.   Our aim is to find out your exact requirements, your lifestyle, and, if applicable, the needs of your children and the type of schools required, the type of areas and budget, your likes and dislikes, how you are funding the purchase,  in fact all the information needed for us to build a brief from which we can find the most suitable property for you.

Given your requirements, we will then search the entire appropriate market and compile a list of properties which we will discuss with you.  We will then accompany you to see the properties  at times most convenient for you.

If we haven't found the ideal home for you after this initial day of viewings, we will continue to research the market and then preview any suitable properties, shortlisting those that we feel will meet your requirements and viewing these together with you.

When you have found a property that you would like to purchase, we will negotiate on your behalf to secure the most attractive price we can.  Because we do not get our fees as a percentage of the final price, we do try to get the final price as low as possible.

Once the price has been agreed,  we can arrange for the property to be surveyed and contact either your own solicitor or supply you with a list of solicitors we can recommend.   We act on your behalf liaising with the vendor’s solicitor and yours to ensure that the sales process goes as smoothly as possible with the minimum hassle to you.

It may be that the  property requires renovation or alterations.  From our extensive experience we can also offer design suggestions on how the property can be remodelled to suit your requirements or make it a more rentable if it is for investment.  We can put you in touch with the  necessary architects,  builders, tradesmen, etc. that have worked with our clients successfully before.

For investment properties, we can undertake to find a suitable tenant and take care of the lease negotiations. We can also design a furniture package to suit your specific budget if you decide to rent the property on a furnished basis.

We can, of course, manage the premises thereafter.

The bottom line is that as property finding experts we can do almost anything connected with the buying of your property that you haven’t the time to do yourself  or haven’t the same level of experience to undertake, definitely saving you time and  frequently, saving you money as well.

Fees for Purchasing a Property

Unlike other Property Search companies, we do not charge a fixed percentage fee (they usually charge between 1%  and 3% of the purchase price).  Our fee is based on the number of hours we actually work for you as,  in our opinion,  it takes just as long to purchase a house for  £1 million as it does to purchase a house costing £10 + million.  We ask that you pay a registration deposit  of  £750 which is credited against the hours of work we do for you.   We then advise you on a weekly basis how many hours we have worked on your behalf,  invoicing you on a monthly basis.  This system relies on trust and goodwill and, as the majority of our clients come from recommendation, it works very well.
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