We have a access to a team of experienced personnel that can help with design in a number of ways.

Prior to buying a property, we can talk you through the various different ways the property can be altered to suit your requirement and optimise the potential of your new home.  We can also get you  estimates for any work required.

We have several well tried and tested builders that our clients have used and which we can recommend.  You may want to use a builder of your own and we can work with them to ensure that work is delivered on time and to budget.

If the property requires just updating, then we have a list of plumbers, electricians and other skilled tradesman that can help with projects however small or large.

We also offer a service that will track down a particular piece of furniture, picture or object d’art and are willing to attend auctions, etc. on behalf of our clients.  This has worked well for a number of clients where we have sourced and purchased unique items adding a degree of originality to their home design.

So whatever your home needs internally or externally, we are here to help.


Again, the fees for all these services are on an hourly basis so you only pay for the time we spend on your project.
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